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Gettysburg, PA
June 29 - July 7, 2001

Under the Tent!
Tentative Schedule of Author Presentations

Monday June 25th

6:30 PM James McPherson
Darling You Should Not Have Done That: Married Soldiers in the Civil War

Alphabetical list of authors

Friday June 29th

2:00 PM Mike Pride/Mark Travis
The 5th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment

3:00 PM Joanna McDonald
The World Will Long Remember

4:00 PM Arthur and Marjorie Miller
Pennsylvania Battlefields and Military Landmarks

5:00 PM Deborah Petite
1836 Facts About the Alamo

6:00 PM Earl P. Williams
Flags of the United States and of the Confederate States

7:00 PM Troy Harman
Cemetery Hill, The General Plan was Unchanged

8:00 PM Howard Fast
Bunker Hill

Signing only:
Bill Styple (6 to 8pm)

Saturday June 30th

2:00 PM Russell Weigley
A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History

3:00 PM John T. Phillips II
George Washington's Rules of Civility

4:00 PM Donald Markle
Spies and Spymasters of the Civil War

5:00 PM Mark Nesbitt
35 Days to Gettysburg

6:00 PM Eric Campbell
A Grand Terrible Dramma

7:00 PM William B. Pickett
Eisenhower Decides to Run

8:00 PM Tim Smith
John Burns, The Hero of Gettysburg

Signing only:
Georg Sheets (2 to 4pm)
Wendy Sauers (5 to 7pm)
William Frassanito (7 to 9pm)
Michael McGough (7 to 9pm)
Bill Styple (6 to 8pm)

Sunday July 1st

2:00 PM Brooks Simpson
Ulysses S. Grant: Triumph Over Adversity

3:00 PM Michael Mahon
The Shenandoah Valley, 1861-1865

4:00 PM Bob Krick Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain

5:00 PM Gary Gallagher
Lee and the Confederate People

6:00 Ed Longacre
William Dorsey Pender: Lee's Favorite Brigade Commander

7:00 PM James I. Robertson, Jr.
Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks: Uncommon Soldiers

8:00 PM Mark Grimsley
The Hard Hand of War

Signing only:
James Brady(3 to 5pm)
Earl J. Coates (3 to 5pm)
Harry Pfanz (5 to 7pm)


Monday July 2nd

2:00 PM Gary Lash
The Gibraltar Brigade on East Cemetery Hill

3:00 PM Dean Thomas
Civil War Ammunition

4:00 PM John Michael Priest
Into the Fight, Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

5:00 PM Michael Varhola
The Korean War

6:00 PM John Imhof
Gettysburg Day Two: A Study in Maps

7:00 PM Jeffry Wert
Gettysburg: Day Three

8:00 PM William C. Davis
An Honorable Defeat: The Last Days of the Confederacy

Signing only:
Sally Thomas (3 to 6pm)
Walter Powell (3 to 5pm)
Jeanne Knoop (5 to 7pm)
Calista Pitts (5 to 7pm)

Tuesday July 3rd

2:00 PM James Dougherty
Stone's Brigade at Gettysburg

3:00 PM Lee Hadden
Reliving the Civil War: A Reenactor's Handbook

4:00 PM R. Thomas Campbell
The Confederate States Navy

5:00 PM Ed Bearss
Preserving America's Battlefields

6:00 PM Carol Reardon
Pickett's Charge in History and Memory

7:00 PM David M. Jordan
Gouvernor K. Warren

8:00 PM Gabor Boritt
The Lincoln Enigma

Signing only:
Jerry Harlowe(5 to 7pm)
Carole Campbell (5 to 7pm)
William Williams (5:30 to 7:30pm)
John Archer (7 to 9pm)

Wednesday July 4th

2:00 PM Patrick Schroeder

3:00 PM Morris M. Penny
Struggle for the Round Tops

4:00 PM James Ristine
Gettysburg Vintage Postcard Views

5:00 PM Brian Kennell
Beyond the Gatehouse, Gettysburg's Evergreen Cemetery

6:00 PM Jean Fritz
Writing History Books for Children

7:00 PM Tom Desjardin
Joshua L. Chamberlain: A Biography

8:00 PM Jeff Shaara
Rise to Rebellion

Signing only:
Ross Kelbaugh (3 to 5pm)


Thursday July 5th

2:00 PM Jack Thomson
Charleston at War, The Photographic Record 1860-1865

3:00 PM Eric Wittenberg
The Cavalry at Gettysburg

4:00 PM John Horner
Lincoln's Guard at Gettysburg

5:00 PM Michael Dreese
151st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

6:00 PM Bill Kashatus
Connie Mack's '29 Triumph

7:00 PM John Langellier & Paul Loane
United States Army Uniforms

8:00 PM Thomas Lowry
The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell

Signing only:
Mary Schaller (4:30 to 6:30pm)
Kathy Georg (6 to 8pm)
Paul Loane (6 to 9pm)

Friday July 6th

2:00 PM Ray Carson
Civil War Reenacting

3:00 PM Mac Wyckoff
Kershaw's South Carolina Brigade

4:00 PM Ron Wilson
The Surrender at Appomattox

5:00 PM Scott Hartwig

6:00 PM Terry Winschel
The Vicksburg Campaign

7:00 PM Stanley Karnow

8:00 PM Jay Winik
April 1865

Signing only:
Diana Loski (6 to 8pm)
Howard Calp (5:30pm-7:30pm)
Jeane Candido (3:30pm to 5:30pm)

Saturday July 7th

2:00 PM Scott Bowden
Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and Gettysburg

3:00 PM Juanita Leisch
Who Wore What? Women's Wear 1861-1865

4:00 PM David G. Martin
Gettysburg, July 1

5:00 PM Joseph Harsh
The Antietam Campaign

6:00 PM Paul Fussell
The Great War and Modern Memory

7:00 PM Garry Adelman
Little Round Top

8:00 PM Greg Coco
A Vast Sea of Misery

Signing only:
E-an Zen & Alta Walker (2 to 4pm)
Cindy Small (6:30 to 9:30pm)
Richard A. Baumgartner (6 to 8pm)
Dennis M. Keesee (6 to 8pm)

Call: 1-888-581-8835