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It was the largest battle of the Civil War. Some say the decisive event of this great conflict. More than 175,000 men fought for three days and left behind more than 50,000 casualties. Four months later it was the scene of Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the national cemetery. Today, Gettysburg is a small Pennsylvania town adjacent to a huge national park. More than 1.5 million people visit annually. Visit our Gettysburg store.

Live Webcam

Our web cam is situated in the Adams County National Bank building on the southwest quadrant of Gettysburg's town square, also known as Lincoln Square, or in 1863 "The Diamond." The camera is pointed to the northeast, toward York Street. The gray building to the right of York Street is the Wills House where Abraham Lincoln spent the night on November 18, 1863, the day before delivering his Gettysburg Address. The building adjacent to it is the local Masonic Hall. Baltimore Street enters the square from the bottom right of your picture. Chambersburg Street enters the square from the bottom left of your picture. Carlisle Street enters the square just to the left of the tall tan building, The Gettysburg Hotel. If the image does not refresh each time, you may want to empty your cache (delete the temporary internet files) in your browser.

The town square in Gettysburg
Courtesy of Adams County National Bank

Lions of the Round Tops
Based on a painting by artist Don Troiani, this is a signed and numbered Limited Edition. "Lions of the Round Top" on highly detailed "Terrain Base" Includes six (6) highly detailed. Unparalleled detail and historical accuracy. Truly raising a new standard in affordably priced historical miniatures. Special add-on sets under development. $150.00
Gettysburg: The Second Day
by Harry Pfanz
A remarkable piece of historical research. Pfanz's book does a terrific job at sorting out what happened where, and when. His meticulous attention to detail will pay handsome dividends to the careful reader. The emphasis is decidedly tactical, focusing on the actions of individual units at the brigade and regimental level. $18.95
The Gettysburg Campaign: A Study in Command
by Edwin B. Coddington
Despite the fact that it is now four decades old, Coddington's book is still the definitive study on the Battle of Gettysburg. $22.00
Gettysburg: The First Day
by Harry Pfanz. Though a great deal has been written about the battle of Gettysburg, much of it has focused on the events of the second and third days. With this book, the first day's fighting finally receives its due. A former historian at Gettysburg National Military Park and author of two previous books on the battle, presents a deeply researched, definitive account of the events of July 1, 1863. $34.95
Gettysburg: Day Three
by Jeffry D. Wert. The story of the decisive day of the decisive battle of the Civil War. Opening with Meade's council of war, it shifts to the seven-hour struggle for Culp's Hill, the most sustained combat of the entire engagement. $27.50
From Greystone
Complete Battle of Gettysburg The most comprehensive documentary ever produced on this historic battle. Included in this four-volume set is a full hour on each day of the battle and an informative roundtable discussion by seven prominent Civil War historians. Part of the Unknown Civil War series. $49.95
Gettysburg Weather
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Army of Northern Virginia Flag Set Confederate flagbearer and officer set. $48.00

Army of the Potomac Flag Set
Union f lagbearer and officer set. $48.00

Gettysburg Battlefield Farmstead Guide

A handy, 70 page card reference with photos, maps, and descriptions of each farmstead. $8.76